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Coaching at the Cutting Edge Seminars for Coaches

Busy coaches rarely have time to attend courses or continual professional development (CPD) in the latest methods and techniques for the development of their athletes. So we decided to bring the information to you in the form of one-day seminars where coaches and parents of competitive athletes can hear presentations from sports specialists in many different fields in a way that gives you practical takeaways to implement with your own athletes at your club.

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Ice Cool Confidence Workshops

Here is a selection of the one-day workshops currently offered by Ice Cool Confidence. All workshops offer the opportunity for parents and coaches to experience an “Ice Cool Confidence Question and Answer Session” if desired, where they can hear more about ways to support their athletes through challenging periods and competition nerves. The workshops are presented with a mixture of classroom-style training and NLP-based exercises.

Competition Bootcamp

By the end of the workshop, your athletes will:

  • Be able to stop catastrophising
  • Understand what stresses them at and before a competition and why that sort of stress isn’t helpful
  • Set the right kind of goals and learn to focus on what they need to do to achieve them
  • Learn how to focus and block out distractions
  • Learn basic visualisation techniques

This is a ‘bootcamp’ designed to focus completely on preparing for an upcoming competition and helping athletes to ‘set the scene’ beforehand so that they can ease the stresses in the run up to the day as well as set effective goals for the competition which are achievable and within their control.

They will learn basic techniques for getting better focus and blocking out distractions, as well as ways to visualise for a confident and polished performance.


The Secrets to Setting, Hitting and Surpassing Your Goals!

By the end of the workshop, your athletes will:

  • Be able to practice new, state of the art brain exercises & strategies used by successful people all over the world
  • Have powerful sporting goals they’ll be chomping at the bit to achieve!
  • Know the 5 key goals critical for success
  • Realise how goals help with focus, motivation and faster progress!
  • Understand how using both sides of the brain has maximum effect
  • Have set exciting and achievable goals for the long, medium and short term
  • Be empowered to set goals for all occasions by themselves with confidence
  • Be able to  apply this learning in their sport and other areas of their lives

Understanding the importance of effective goal setting is key to helping athletes stay focused and motivated. Exciting and achievable goals which are set, creatively, by the athlete, with input from their coach keeps them on track and shows them how far they are progressing.

No more tantrums about lack of progress or meltdowns over being under-prepared for tests, competitions or matches! This highly loved workshop encourages athletes to think ahead to where they want to take their sport (competition/shows or performances/coaching) and more importantly – BEYOND – as well as teaching them how to set a goal for each practice.


Find Your Superpower

By the end of the workshop, your athletes will:

  • Understand their own superpowers and weaknesses
  • Understand that it’s cool to work as a team
  • Know the difference between ‘self-confidence’ and ‘self-esteem’
  • Have taught at least one ‘superpower’ to another athlete
  • Be able to give and receive constructive ‘feedback’ and compliments
  • Have created a circle of champion support

Sometimes the competitive spirit of an athlete or group of athletes can have a negative impact on the team as a whole. Unhealthy attitudes and inappropriate language used around less confident athletes at this vulnerable age can lead to demotivated athletes or in severe cases, a culture of low level ‘bullying’ – often out of sight of the coaches and parents.

This workshop is designed to show that each of us has both strengths and weaknesses, and that we can pool our resources to share our strengths with others.  Establishing a good ‘team spirit’ at the rink/track/gym/field or poolside and when groups of athletes travel elsewhere to compete will ultimately help boost the confidence of the athletes if they feel they are genuinely supported by their peers.

This half-day workshop can be run twice in one day (one morning, one afternoon session) – with younger athletes (aged 8-10/11) in the morning and the older ones (12+) in the afternoon.  If run in this way, it can also incorporate an informal 30 minute “Ask Ice Cool Confidence” Q and A during lunch break for parents and coaches.


Positively Powerful

(The Power of Positive Thinking)8buster-the-gremlin-shutterstock_109530695

By the end of the workshop, your athletes will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the unconscious mind and its influence
  • Understand the ‘filter’ system which affects how we think and behave
  • Be able to recognise negative thinking and its impact on their sporting performance
  • Have identified their gremlin
  • Be able to use a number of different ‘tools’ to eliminate negative thinking
  • Understand how to accept praise and give and receive constructive feedback
  • Understand basic visualisation

This workshop is designed to help boost confidence where motivation has dipped and the athletes are feeling ‘stuck’.  Their progress is slow and they will be holding back (in skating for example this manifests itself by popping jumps or constantly ‘circling’).  They will be so nervous at tests, competitions or matches that they will be unable to perform to their full potential and feel extremely disappointed with themselves and their results.

This workshop uses some very powerful tools which will impact participants’ confidence and positivity not only in skating but with other areas of their lives too, including at school and with challenging peers.


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