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Is your axel being annoying? Did you have it nailed and then it disappeared again? Is the thought of working on doubles or triples making you feel like you need A&E on speed dial?

Are you stressed about school work or exams so you can’t seem to focus on your elements and you’re falling more than usual and getting fed up?

Let’s face it. The skating you love so much is just not loving you back anymore.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  I’ll teach you how to get your motivation back – find your mojo or whatever it is that brings back the joy of skating – and get rid of those pesky distractions from school work or your social life just while you are on the ice.

I can help you with that Pre-test Stress and those Competition Nerves

Do you suddenly get overcome with nerves and convinced it will all go horribly wrong when you take your tests, or skate in competitions doing moves that you’ve practiced hundreds of times? Is that frustrating or what?!

I’ll give you tools to help you get that ‘laser’ focus before a competition or test and keep your nerves under control.  And I’ll give you back the confidence you had as a determined toddler learning to walk, so that you can once again perform at your very best.

I can teach you to Focus and Achieve those elusive goals!

Instead of wandering aimlessly around the rink on a patch session, waiting to get your music on and wondering what to practice, I’ll help you set goals with your skating coach and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and when.

While your skating coaches teach you the technical moves for your body, I’ll help keep your mind in charge of your practice. Learning how to have the right attitude and focus for practice and lessons will help you reach your goals more quickly – and be a pleasant surprise for your skating coach!

Ever heard of Visualisation? It’s what the real professionals use!

I’ll introduce you to ‘visualisation’ – which the highest level Olympic skaters and other athletes use to reach their full potential.  This is something which you can practice regardless of how old you are or how good. It can help if you’re injured or sick too, and experiencing “down time” away from the rink.

You can do it anywhere, anytime and if you do it right, it will help to strengthen your ‘muscle memory’. (Yes even your muscles can remember stuff!). Visualisation also helps to calm nerves before tests, performances and competitions. It can also be a lovely relaxing way of getting into “the zone”.

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