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I’m Elizabeth Ryan…pxlr-image-4-icecool-17may16-133

I’m a multi-award-winning Mindset Skills and Mental Toughness expert providing FUN, fast and fabulous results for competitive figure skaters and young people in a whole variety of sports.

A Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, a professional member of the Association for NLP, I was awarded International NLP Coach of the Year 2015 (Which all means, I’m very good at getting the INNER GREMLINS out of your head!).

I’ve presented at the National Ice Skating Association’s Annual Coaches’ Convention to coaches all around the UK, helping them to understand the importance of nurturing the right mindset in young athletes on that journey towards your potential. And I’ve been featured on CBBC’s ‘Ice Stars’ TV series.

My experience in the UK and Eastern Europe inspired me to create The Ice Cool Confidence Programme. I help athletes from all sports, and young and adult skaters around the UK and worldwide to have strong mental confidence under pressure.

My extensive background in dealing with crisis, chaos and conflict was based in the Diplomatic Service – yes, me! Working there for nearly 14 years including in Slovakia and Croatia, as well as covering the Indian sub-continent from the UK, finding solutions to the most challenging of conflicts so that people (and nations!) could see things from a new angle and work together to move forward.

I’ve had to think on my feet in very hairy situations using a set of ‘mind-tools’ that I’ve built up over the years which work fantastically well at beating INNER GREMLINS!

Working internationally (I lived in Korea for nearly 7 years too!) has also given me a real insight into the tears, tantrums and heartbreak when a competition, match or test is on the horizon!

Believe me – it isn’t just you – and it isn’t only where you train!

I see the same challenges popping up all over the place, so you’re definitely not alone. You’d be surprised at how many others are experiencing the same problems!

My weekly motivational and confidence tips are sought after by hundreds of skaters and athletes from the UK and beyond. And they work!

There’s no fluffy woo-woo stuff or psychological tests or anything like that. Just common sense. Cool exercises, looking at things differently and building yourself a virtual toolbox for all occasions. And the great thing is – it doesn’t just work for skating.

You’ll change your whole outlook on life once you’ve cracked it, and be positively sparkling!


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