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Lost: Motivation. If found, please return to…

Is your axel being annoying? Did you have it nailed and then it disappeared again? Is the thought of working on doubles or triples making you feel like you need A&E on speed dial?

Are you stressed about school work or exams so you can’t seem to focus on your elements and you’re falling more than usual and getting fed up?

Let’s face it. The skating you love so much is just not loving you back anymore. It doesn’t have to be like this.  I’ll teach you how to get your motivation back – find your mojo or whatever it is that brings back the joy of skating – and get rid of those pesky distractions from school work or your social life just while you are on the ice.

I can help you with that Pre-test Stress and those Competition Nerves

Do you suddenly get overcome with nerves and convinced it will all go horribly wrong when you take your tests, or skate in competitions doing moves that you’ve practiced hundreds of times? Is that frustrating or what?!

I’ll give you tools to help you get that ‘laser’ focus before a competition or test and keep your nerves under control.  And I’ll give you back the confidence you had as a determined toddler learning to walk, so that you can once again perform at your very best.

I can teach you to Focus and Achieve those elusive goals!

Instead of wandering aimlessly around the rink on a patch session, waiting to get your music on and wondering what to practice, I’ll help you set goals with your skating coach and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and when.

While your skating coaches teach you the technical moves for your body, I’ll help keep your mind in charge of your practice. Learning how to have the right attitude and focus for practice and lessons will help you reach your goals more quickly – and be a pleasant surprise for your skating coach!

Ever heard of Visualisation? It’s what the real professionals use!

I’ll introduce you to ‘visualisation’ – which the highest level Olympic skaters and other athletes use to reach their full potential.  This is something which you can practice regardless of how old you are or how good. It can help if you’re injured or sick too, and experiencing “down time” away from the rink.

You can do it anywhere, anytime and if you do it right, it will help to strengthen your ‘muscle memory’. (Yes even your muscles can remember stuff!). Visualisation also helps to calm nerves before tests, performances and competitions. It can also be a lovely relaxing way of getting into “the zone”.

Ready to work with me for three months and turn it all around?







Let me see…

  • All your skating buddies who started at the same time as you seem to have overtaken you.
  • You’ve been trying to land a particular jump (let me guess, it begins with A and ends in L?) for ages and it’s just.not.happening.
  • It all seemed so much easier before – you were moving up through the levels and now suddenly you feel ‘stuck’
  • Just before competitions and tests the jumps you could land in your sleep just disappear!
  • Your coach has tried everything but is losing patience and starting to focus more on the other skaters – no matter what he or she tells you to do, nothing seems to work.
  • You get halfway around the ice ready to do THAT jump and then pull out and pop it.
  • It feels like everyone in the world is in your way when you’re practising so you come off the ice thinking you did nothing in your lesson.
  • You know it’s wrong but you just want to kick the ice with your toe picks in frustration or storm off and have a good long sulk.
  • Your mum keeps nagging you to do this or stop doing that and your dad just says to give up if you don’t enjoy it anymore…
  • You feel guilty about the amount they are paying for repeat skating tests and competitions with no results.
  • Your skating mates are going off to all the competitions but you just don’t feel like going in for them anymore – you’re afraid of coming last and seeing it there in black and white on the pdf that you’re just not good enough.  If you don’t compete, then you can still fool yourself into thinking you could if you wanted to.
  • You’re running out of time – the rules on age mean you’ll have to step up a level soon and you’re already struggling at the level you’re at right now!

The fact is – you still love skating and couldn’t imagine your life without skating – but… 

it just doesn’t love you back anymore.

Why is this happening?

It’s your head. There’s nothing wrong with your head, it’s just – well… you’ve let the gremlins in.  At some point between that happy, bubbly you, progressing quickly and enjoying the beaming smiles of a contented coach and proud parents at competitions, and the you now who feels as if a dementor has sucked out all your skating ability and bubbliness, a gremlin got in, sowing the seeds of self-doubt.

After those first few levels when you progressed really quickly, things started to get a little bit more challenging. For the first time in ages, you couldn’t do stuff straight away. You had to work much harder to be able to do new things. And your gremlin said “maybe you can’t do this” “maybe you’re not as good as you thought you were” “maybe you’re not going to the Olympics”…  “if you have to work this hard you can’t be as talented as they said”


The good news is that we can fix it.  I’m really good at tackling gremlins and helping you to tackle yours too.  We just need a little time together and a little bit of work.  But it isn’t hard work and it will help you to move forward again.

So how would it be if you could…


  • Leap out of bed and look forward to skating again?
  • Do just what your coach wanted you to, feeling excited and happy to succeed at new things?
  • Come out of a lesson wanting more and more?
  • Get better results?
  • Feel focused and energised and ready to perform?
  • Get your motivation back?
  • See your mum smile again and make her proud to watch you?
  • Finally do that flipping jump and get it consistent?
  • Move up a level with confidence?
  • Perform in competitions and actually enjoy them without being a nervous wreck?
  • Have an attitude in lessons that brought you compliments instead of complaints?



Sounds too good to be true?


Well these are the sort of results that my 1:1 VIP skaters are already getting!


Take a look here at some of the things which skaters have said after working with me:

Working with Elizabeth has been one of the best decisions I have made about my career so far!

Working with Elizabeth has been one of the best decisions I have made about my career so far and one I am ever thankful for. Before working with her I was an impatient and not a very mentally tough skater that used to let his inner gremlins dictate his practice and competition mind set and performance. However since working with Elizabeth, for over 6 months now, I have significantly improved not only in becoming more mentally resilient but in my whole approach to skating, practice and competitions as a whole. I experienced the improvement first hand in the first few competition results after just our first few sessions and my 2015/16 season working with Elizabeth has been my best to date and I achieved everything I hoped for and more, including finishing 23rd at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships and winning the Junior Men’s National Title, all of which wouldn’t have been attainable if it wasn’t for Elizabeth’s help and coaching techniques that were tailored to drive and push me. – Josh Brown, British Junior Men’s Champion 2016 and star of CBBC’s Ice Stars.

I could not have done any of this without Elizabeth’s help!

It has been great working with Elizabeth. She always knows what to say when the gremlins come to your head, which you might learn about those in your sessions.

I struggled with positive thinking and she has helped me to land so many jumps that I never thought I would land. She gave me activities to do that helped me all about gremlins inside your head. Elizabeth has been very helpful; I could not have done any of this without Elizabeth’s help.

Freya Williams, Blackpool

With Liz’s help I have been able to overcome those nerves and control them to the point of where competing is now an enjoyable experience for me!

On the day of a competition, my coach wasn’t able to stay for the free programme so had to leave. From that point on I went into complete meltdown mode and that was the first experience I had of sports Psychology, when Liz came over and helped me calm down. I used to get very nervous in competition to the point of not being able to control them. With Liz’s help I have been able to overcome those nerves and control them to the point of where competing is now an enjoyable experience for me. She teaches you lots of different techniques to help you control and know what you need to do to overcome any fears you have.

With the help of her affirmations CD I am also able to ‘take her’ to any competition with me and listen to her during the competitions which also helps me control any anxieties or nerves that I have.  Deborah Bell (Brazilian National Figure Skating Champion)

I really enjoyed it and it really helps, it’s a shame it wasn’t longer!

I was having problems with handling distractions, controlling my emotions, and this was affecting my skating. Sometimes other people’s moods and actions would affect me and I couldn’t put that behind me and not get angry.

The course was straightforward to understand, and Liz was good at explaining ideas to me. She was very patient and understanding. The favourite thing I liked talking about was the subconscious mind and how it works. I found the instruction on visualising my goals very useful, as well as techniques to get rid of my anger and frustration.  Now, I skate with a more positive attitude and more self-belief, and know how to stop situations affecting my skating.  Miesha (Skater) Buckinghamshire, UK

Thank you so much to Ice cool confidence for helping me realise this. I have finally gotten my feeling back!

Since starting work with Ice cool confidence I have become much less frantic about what I have to do to achieve what I want in my skating. I have learnt that it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you never give up. I have learnt how such small changes such as always using positive language and always being optimistic can have a huge impact on your training and most of all it has helped me realise why I skate. I never told anyone my hopes and dreams because I didn’t want people to tell me that I couldn’t achieve them. I had been told that I would never get to level 8 when I was younger and it stopped me telling people what I want in my skating career.

I have finally realised that the way to achieve that feeling is to relax and just enjoy it.

Thank you so much to Ice cool confidence for helping me realise this. I have finally gotten my feeling back.  Rhiannon (Skater) Sheffield, UK

I have become a much more positive skater!

I had a lack of confidence and I always felt too self-conscious when training at my ice rink or doing a competition. I found it quite hard to talk to Elizabeth on the first session as she was new to me. However, as the sessions went on I found it much easier telling her my thoughts and feelings.

The result is that I am able to have a much more relaxed experience when it comes to competitions. My general skating has improved because I am more determined when it comes to challenging myself.

I have become a much more positive skater when it comes to tackling those obstacles.

Mia (Skater) Oxfordshire, UK

I am so happy at the improvements I have made!

I am so happy at the improvements I have made.  I have changed the way I think and I have finally jumped and landed double axel.  Elé Silvester (Skater) South Ayrshire, UK

After having Elizabeth, I feel really confident!

I met Elizabeth 4 weeks before my competition. When I started to train for my competition I used to lose my jumps and get really nervous, but now after having Elizabeth I feel really confident. She taught me all about my gremlins and the fight or flight method, and now I know all about my gremlin and how I can block her.

When I went to my competition I felt like I was going to go to another practice but on another ice, whereas before, I used to get butterflies and I was really nervous. I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth and she’s been a lot of help like when I get to just talk about how I’m feeling and then she gives me some good ways how to stop feeling that way.  It’s been really fun.  The work in between sessions – some of it was fun and some made me think a lot – in a good way.  If you’re thinking of working with Elizabeth, I think you should because it’s really helpful. Dani Davies (Skater) Sheffield

And here’s what their parents are saying:

I see a lot more engagement and drive with her skating… greater passion in her beliefs and total self-confidence… I would highly recommend these sessions to any parent/child who is working hard to balance the demands of modern life with an activity they love. – Shona, (parent) N Ayrshire


I have already seen a change in how she handles setbacks whilst training; calming herself after failing to complete an element and thereby allowing the next attempt to be made in a calm measured manner which is much more likely to succeed, whereas before, each attempt was laden with frustration built by each successive, and increasingly unavoidable, failure. Comparing the consistency with which she trains and performs now compared to before she took the course, a period of little more than a month, clearly shows the benefit of the increased mental resilience that she has gained.  – Henry, (parent) Buckinghamshire


I was amazed how well my daughter took to Elizabeth and her methods. My daughter felt comfortable to try and apply these new techniques almost immediately. Both myself and her coach were amazed with the effect the coaching was having. Instead of a very nervous and anxious young girl, I saw a relaxed and determined skater excited to perform at competitions. Elizabeth provided additional support throughout the programme and even made sure my daughter feels supported once the programme had finished.  We couldn’t thank Elizabeth enough. – Caroline, Oxfordshire


Just wanted to let you know Miesha had a fab skate today at Basingstoke opens, coming 4th and getting a great score J She looked confident, relaxed and like she really wanted to be competing.  Her practice attitude has been improving and she is starting to push herself more and maintain her focus for longer too.  Thanks for all the hard work you have put in J.  – Tamsin Sear-Watkins (Coach) Oxford, UK


My daughter’s sessions with Elizabeth have helped her greatly in regaining her focus and composure when things go wrong; challenges in practice sessions no longer affect her like they used to.

As a result, having been through a difficult period, she has rediscovered her enjoyment of skating and is achieving a lot more in her jumps. She is more confident and willing to move out of her comfort zone, both in her skating and other areas of her life. –  Felicity (Parent), Oxfordshire 


Liz worked with our daughter, following an injury and some skating setbacks. Her confidence was very low and our main aim was that she should be proud of her achievements and hopefully fall back in love with skating. It was as though Liz gave her a magic wand but she had to know how to use it. Liz tailored the sessions to our daughter, responding sensitively to issues raised each time they met. Our daughter gained lifelong skills not just for skating.  Liz is a thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled professional who caters for her clients’ individual needs. We highly recommend her. – Parent, Midlands


I’d love to work with you for three months…


The question is… are you up for it?

Okay, here’s what you have to do:

Be prepared to work at it! I only work with skaters who really want to improve and progress – if in your heart of hearts, you really don’t want to skate anymore and you’re doing it for someone else rather than because YOU want to, then it’s not for you.

We’ll ‘meet up’ roughly once a fortnight for an hour over a video call for three months.  You tell me what the challenges are and I’ll help you find your own way to overcome them. In between sessions, you’ll have access to your own online folder of materials – including workbooks, videos, audio tracks and exercises or worksheets.

Don’t worry! It isn’t difficult and it doesn’t take long to do. You won’t be piled up with work to do because I understand how important it is to balance all your school work alongside skating already. Most of my skaters find the work fun and thought provoking and enjoy doing it because it helps them to be positive and find solutions for themselves. (You’ll find it helps you with your approach to school exams too!).

Q:   I’m dyslexic so I’m not keen on writing or reading stuff… how could I work with you?

That’s fine. Just let me know in advance and we will find a way that you’re comfortable with and that suits your learning style.

Q:   Will you tell me to do stuff that’s different from what my coach says?

I will only be helping you with your mindset and your approach to thinking about stuff. I definitely won’t be teaching you any on-ice techniques – that’s for your coach. I can also have a session with your coach if you would like to have them involved – with some higher level skaters I hold a session with parents and the coach in addition to working with the skater to make sure there is an all-round approach.

For Parents:

Q:   How old do they need to be?

I don’t usually work with skaters below the age of 10 as they usually still have quite a lot of self-confidence at that age. The typical difficulties I see tend to start around the time when a skater begins secondary school and suddenly there’s more of an awareness of how they might be perceived by others, especially their peers. That said, if your skater is 10 or under and you think they have the maturity to understand this type of coaching and the need for it, please get in touch and we will see if it’s right for your child.  Most of the skaters I work with fall between the ages of 12 and 18, but several have been younger, and some considerably older! (including adults!)

Q:   Do we have to come to you?

No – I work entirely over Skype or a similar video link – unless you feel you would like your skater to work with me face to face.

Q:   Is it expensive?

Compared to what? Compared to other forms of mindset coaching, not at all, but believe me – I’ve been a Skater Mum and I completely understand that skating is an expensive sport and you need to budget wisely. The thing is, while you are paying for repeat tests and competitions where your child performs poorly, you are spending more than you need to and your skater’s progress is much slower. Investing in a course of coaching for the mindset will overcome the blocks which have been holding your skater back (and actually costing you more in the long run!). What’s more – there is no price which can be put on the smile on your child’s face returning as it lights up with happiness after being able to do something which has eluded them for so long! Do take a look at the testimonials in full (here) to see what other parents have been saying about the results they have seen and the stress it has lifted off the family.

“You have made my life as a skater’s mum less stressful and I can enjoy watching her skate seeing her smile again!” – Lorna, N Ayrshire

Because I know how much this will help, I have some very affordable payment plans available to help you spread the cost if it makes things easier.  Remember, this isn’t a continuing cost like the on ice, off ice and flexibility classes – it’s a three-month course which will have lasting effects.

Any questions?

If there’s still something you’d like to ask, why not book in a free 15 minute ‘discovery call’ on this link:  to check whether it’s right for you or your child?

Register Now for the Basic Three-Month Coaching Programme and pay in full (£750) or spread the cost over three months and pay 3 x £250  (In certain circumstances, it may be possible to offer longer payment terms. Please contact me for details.)