My programmes help you to be more confident, motivated, AND get better results!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could always have the confidence to do anything we wanted to?

But sometimes we need a little boost, a bit of support and encouragement, and well, frankly we also need to kick those gremlins right out of our heads!


Yup! We all have them. They tell us we can’t do stuff. They sit there with a packet of seeds, sowing self-doubt in our minds. They tell us we should be perfect – get it right first time – but that we’re never going to do that!

Even Einstein had self-doubting gremlins. And he was a GENIUS!

I’ll let you into a secret.  I’ve discovered some really cool ways to get rid of those gremlins and get really confident in the sport you love. Yes, in competitions too!

Just click through to the area you need – whether you’re a figure skater or a performer in other sports, I can help you get the confidence you need to perform at your best!

“Elizabeth has created a very user friendly and highly engaging sports psychology package, which has benefited my child’s performance not just in skating, but also in other sports and school!  A little and often of ‘Ice Cool Confidence’ is just as important as daily stretching and conditioning.”

April Grayson (Parent, Nottingham)

Don’t let the gremlins drag you down or a negative mindset hold you back! Get out there and perform like you do in your dreams!

Find out what confidence really is with Ice Cool Confidence and TED Talks! Get our three tips on how to be more confident and take the mini quiz!