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One-off Sessions for Specific Issues

Perhaps generally speaking your skating is going ok. You’re slowly progressing and getting the odd personal best at competition, but now, the next competition… really matters and you’re losing your nerve a bit because of THAT THING.


  • Is your double axel being erratic?
  • Are you overthinking going into your jumps and finding that your head is so full of stuff that you just can’t concentrate on what you’re doing?
  • Do you find yourself ‘sharking’ and going round and round the rink in circles without jumping – or popping your jumps?
  • Does the very thought of competition day fill you with dread?

Do you have A PLAN?

If you found yourself saying yes to one of those scenarios above, and that is THE THING which is making you nervous about the upcoming competition, you may benefit from a quick one-off session to work on a specific area.

It may be one particular jump which is ‘misbehaving’, or a lack of focus, or simple competition nerves because you’ve built this one into a BIG thing.

Book yourself in for an intense coaching session ahead of your next competition and we’ll work on it together.


After my one-off session session with Elizabeth, I went away with so many tips and different exercises to help me to improve on my confidence and how to deal with pre-skate nerves. At my competition after my session, I began to use the techniques she taught me, and they helped me so much! I felt so much more relaxed and confident about competing and even went on to win the competition! My coach even commented on how much calmer I seemed and how my level of confidence had increased since my session with Elizabeth. ⛸😊

Sophie Wadell, Skater

What’s included?


For just £95 you can have a full, 45 minute session to address that niggling issue which is causing you anxiety leading up to the competition.

For £125 I will include a pre-screen questionnaire for you to do prior to the session so that we can ‘hit the ground running’ with no need to spend time explaining what the problem is at the start and use up precious time. I’ll include an audio track (it might be affirmations or a visualisation depending on what you need help with) and a downloadable exercise you can work on and keep.

For £145 you’ll get the pre-session questionnaire plus lifetime online access to my Competition Ready™ mini coaching programme ideal for pre-competition nerves which includes four exclusive audio tracks, tips for training in the lead up to competitions, inspirational quotes and downloadable exercises to work on and keep.


Important note!


There are no guarantees – you’ll need to work hard and be prepared to put in lots of effort to turn things around in time. It may be that there isn’t enough time before your competition to fully achieve what you’d like to work on, but we can certainly give it our best shot! You’ll need to be completely open to talking about your challenges and be prepared to make changes in how you think in order to achieve a difference.


For parents:


It’s really important that the skater WANTS to do this, so if you think they need it, please ensure you have your skater’s ‘buy in’ before going ahead – a reluctant young person who doesn’t want to talk about their challenges will be like taking a horse to water – I can’t make them drink it!

Hurry!  Very limited places available – book now!

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