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Visualise that win!

Get yourself a Marvellous Mindset! You’ve probably heard of visualisation – it’s what all the top athletes use to reach their goals – but what exactly is it? How can you do it properly? And how will it help? Get this Introduction to Visualisation audio podcast and up your game!

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Turn it Around!

5 Steps to Turn Things Around When. You. Just. Can’t! Maybe you just need a little extra help with that Gremlin. Sometimes, no matter how many times your coach says ‘Just Do It!’ a little voice in your head carries on telling you that you CAN’T. That would be your gremlin…

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Boost Your Confidence!

Find out what confidence really is with Ice Cool Confidence and TED-ed! Watch our short video clip of THREE tips on how to be more confident, dig deeper, learn more, take the mini quiz, find out what kind of mindset YOU have, and join in the discussion.

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Be Prepared on the Day!

When you need to be focusing entirely on a skating performance, you don’t need all the additional anxiety which comes from arriving at the competition unprepared.  Get these tips to make sure you have everything prepared and under control on the day.

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Cracking Doubles!

Your free guide to getting more consistent with those pesky little jumps and see your confidence soar. And the more consistent you are, the more confident you will be. Oh and the more confident you are, the more consistent you’ll be. Hey – it’s a circle of confidence!

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Ten Top Tips…

Preparing for your skating competitions and tests? Keeping super cool and confident for a polished performance is easier said than done. Work through these ten great video tips to get into the best possible mindset to skate your very best in competitions and tests.

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