giving coaches a better


The dream:

Wouldn’t it be great if your skaters could:

  • focus more?
  • have a better attitude in practice?
  • stop the tearful meltdowns at competitions?
  • stop skating round and not jumping because “someone was in the way”?
  • skate in competitions like they can in practice?

Your personal horror story (the reality!):

wits endLet’s face it, you’ve got a bunch of hormonal adolescents with varying degrees of mood swings, either lacking confidence in themselves or just too cocky for words, not listening to you and then getting stroppy and chipping at the ice in temper when they can’t do the moves.

That one you’ve taught since she was tiny. Now stands towering over you, glowering at that space on the ice where a double toe is meant to go and she just can’t bring herself to take off.  And you started working on the double axel with another skater over a year ago and it STILL doesn’t work. You’ve tried everything but she’s taken to pulling out on every attempt.

Obstacles are piling up in your skaters’ minds as the negative self-talk ‘gremlins’ work to unravel everything you’re teaching.

I think you’ve saved our relationship. I just didn’t know what else to do!– is what one coach told me after I helped her skater get her double axel back in only a few sessions (after she’d been trying for a year!).

It’s basically about making the mind work for, instead of against us. And that’s what I do. And I’m an expert in getting the gremlins out of the way and clearing those obstacle courses. So your skaters can go out there and ‘just do it’ like you tell them to.

Tackling the mindset can free up all that potential ability – ultimately speeding up your skater’s progress, gaining you kudos from skater and parent alike.

I can work with your skaters on a one-to-one basis with customised sessions around their particular challenges, or they can work by themselves with my self-study programmes, download audio tracks to relax or deal with their nerves before a competition and plan their whole skating year with you in my yearly SkaterPlanner™.

It doesn’t stop there – I can work with groups of your skaters through my seminars specially designed to fit in with skate camps, or put on half or full day workshops.  And I run seminars for coaches too!

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