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Competition Ready™ – Live!

When? 10.30am – 1.30pm. Registration open from 10.00am. Please bring your last competition pdf if you have one.

Where? At The Olney Pilates Studio, 1-2 The Galleries, Olney MK46 4DX



Join Ice Cool Confidence for this live

half-day workshop

on Sunday 10 February 2019

in Milton Keynes!

  • Are you nervous about an upcoming competition or test?
  • Worried about landing the jumps in your programme?
  • Feeling like everything which seemed easy two weeks ago has just disappeared?
  • Desperate to qualify for the British, or pass the next level?

Just attend the camp

Attend the camp and take away a copy of the CompetitionReady™ coaching programme on USB 

(worth £24.99 so this represents a 20% discount)

No more negativity.

No more gremlins.

No more tears, tantrums or ice-kicking!

How would it be if you could:

  • Feel even more focused and confident in your lessons and practice leading up to the competition?

  • Enjoy every moment of the actual day without getting nervous and stressy?

  • Know as soon as you stepped on the ice that you were going to skate your absolute best?

  • Have the confidence to carry on without hesitation if you made a mistake?

  • Say goodbye to the hissy fits and tears, and arguments with mum? 

At Competition Ready™ – LIVE you will:

  • Find out how to control your nerves
  • Learn about mental rehearsal
  • Set achievable goals for the competition
  • Turn your run-throughs into dream practices
  • Find out how to pick yourself up after a mistake
  • Step on the ice feeling confident 
  • Get off the ice feeling happy!
  • Get a mental ‘toolbox’ to use whenever you need it

Competition Ready™ Live is based on the popular Ice Cool Confidence Competition Ready™ programme which is pre-loaded onto a USB or available online for self study. In the live camp we will be doing the exercises and visualisations live and there will be a opportunity to set goals for an upcoming competition (bring your last PDF if possible). Participants may choose whether to just attend the camp or attend and also take away a copy of the programme to keep.

Just attend the camp

Attend the camp and take away a copy of the CompetitionReady™ coaching programme on USB 

(worth £24.99 so this represents a 20% discount)

As an award winning master practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ and NLP Coaching I have been working with successful young athletes for some years now, helping them to be more motivated, focused and get better results.

Sometimes they need help to overcome competition nerves, and sometimes they just want to get past a block, which may be a particular jump which they’re just stuck with. Whatever the challenge, we can work together to break through and start getting the results you deserve.

I developed Competition Ready™ specifically to address the problem of competition nerves and the drop off in training leading up to a competition. An online programme, accessible 24/7 and from anywhere in the world, enables skaters to fit bite-sized mindset training around their physical training sessions.  This is the ‘Live’ version of that programme.

Elizabeth Ryan, Founder, Ice Cool Confidence

ö-Sel Nyima, Feldenkrais Northants

Joining us for part of this workshop in Milton Keynes is ö-Sel Nyima, owner of Clearlight Bodymind Awareness, who is a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® of movement education developed by Moshe Feldenkrais.  

Moshe Feldenkrais noticed that elite athletes perform difficult moves with a minimum of muscular effort. And that athletes who work hard in training – trying to lift more weight, run faster, stretch farther often overlook the benefits of practicing movements that are “easy.”

ö-Sel will demonstrate how Feldenkrais can help improve physical performance by moving very slowly and gently. Becoming aware of unnecessary muscular effort in basic movements, and finding more efficient alternatives to reach your full potential.

ö-Sel’s work perfectly complements my ‘Phenomenal Focus’ programme with which any of you who have worked with me on a one to one basis will be familiar.  

Here’s what others have said about Competition Ready™ and Ice Cool Confidence…

Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop you held at Whitley Bay Ice Rink. My daughter really enjoyed the session and found a lot of the exercises you showed them very useful, hopefully she will be able to take the tips you have given them and put them into practice for future competitions!  We look forward to using the USB stick too to remind her of the exercises you have taught.

Laura Coates, Whitley Bay

Evie has had a brilliant couple of weeks since listening to your audio cd!

Calista Lewis, Coventry

I can enjoy watching her skate, seeing her smile again xx

Lorna, North Ayrshire

This Ice Cool Confidence is fabulous. Laura is loving it… it’s amazing the difference I have seen since the weekend.

Debbie, County Durham

Elizabeth has created a very user friendly and highly engaging sports psychology package, which has benefited my child’s performance not just in skating, but also in other sports and school!  A little and often of “Ice Cool Confidence” is just as important as daily stretching and conditioning.

A Grayson, Nottingham

Just attend the camp

Attend the camp and take away a copy of the CompetitionReady™ coaching programme on USB 

(worth £24.99 so this represents a 20% discount)