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That’s what this GIANT mini-programme will get you to be. See the product description below to find out what’s included. Previously available on a USB Flash Drive, it is now online so you can have it with you anywhere you have your phone, PC or tablet. An ideal programme for those two or three weeks before a competition when everything starts going into meltdown!



Are you Competition Ready™?

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Are you jumping for joy and totally in control of those amazing jumps and spins. Raring to put on your boots, get out on that ice and show those judges just what you’re made of?

Hmmm. I thought not.

What is it about the two or three weeks coming up to a competition when EVERYTHING just disappears?

Those jumps you could do in your sleep just won’t land – you’re popping more than a bucket load of corn, and you’re fed up.

  • Kicking the ice
  • Miserable and grumpy
  • Tearful
  • Nervous
  • Anxious
  • Behaving like a diva

About as confident as a chicken in a den of foxes. And feeling like you’re going to be thrown to the lions come competition day.

Even life at home is up and down too. Everything mum says is just… wrong… annoying… pointless. What does SHE know anyway? And dad? All he says is “give it up if it doesn’t make you happy!”

And now your coach is having a go at you for storming off the ice.

The thing is – You.Just.Can’t.  And you feel like you’re going to make a complete fool of yourself at the competition.

Nothing is working and you feel sick just thinking about it.  And the more you throw yourself into it – the worse it gets.

meltdown shutterstock_216424231“So what’s all that stuff about work hard and you can do anything you want?! Rubbish!”

You know what? You’re right. Nothing will go right – if you stay stuck in this spiral of negativity.


That spiral of negativity. You’re focusing on everything that’s wrong. And the more you think about what’s wrong, the more you focus on it and the more you will get exactly that.

Remember – when you “try not to think of a pink elephant” that’s all you can think about. So when you are “trying not to be negative” – you’ll just get more of the same.

“OK Smartypants – so what should I do instead?”

Stay positive. Yeah I know – easy to say. The thing is, you need to focus on what you WANT, instead of what you DON’T WANT.

But – here’s the thing –  it won’t work if it smacks of ‘desperation’.


Well, because you’re coming from a place of ‘lack’. By being desperate to become more positive, you are thinking about the fact that you’re not feeling positive right now. So you’re focusing on the negative.

“Oh for goodness sake! How do I get more positive then?”

You need three things (well, just one really – my Competition Ready™ mini-programme!) you need:

Focus – totally on you, without thinking about the other competitors. Think about your own goals, and what you need to do in your programme to achieve a personal best. Because that’s the best anyone can do – their personal best.

Second – you need to be calm. And for that you need to be able to check in with your feelings and with your self-talk and get in control of what’s going on in your body and your mind.

Finally – you need to mentally rehearse your participation in the competition – thinking like a champion the whole time. Visualising yourself in the moment, skating a clean programme and hearing the cheers and applause at the end.

So how would it feel if you could:

  • Feel even more focused and confident in your lessons and practice leading up to the competition?
  • Enjoy every moment of the day without getting nervous and stressy?
  • Know as soon as you stepped on the ice that you were going to skate your absolute best?
  • Have the confidence to carry on without hesitation if you made a mistake?
  • Say goodbye to the hissy fits and tears, and arguments with mum?

“OK so what’s in this mini-programme?”

Well, for a start, there are:

FOUR Audio Tracks:

  • Feelings (to check in and see how you are feeling and in which parts of the body)girl on laptop shutterstock_246752110
  • Unwanted Nerves or Anxiety (helping you to get in control of the feelings you’ve identified, get rid of the ones you don’t want and use the ones you do want.)
  • Thoughts (a metaphorical visualisation exercise to get rid of negative self-talk)
  • Mental Rehearsal (a full programme visualisation including a special breathing exercise to stay calm)


woman with pen on lip shutterstock_132931220

Exercise Sheets

To prepare for the competition, stay positive when things aren’t going well, work on your family to help them be more supportive and to do a bit of post-competition analysis when you’re feeling up to it.



Two e-books with lots of advice on preparing for competition day and for getting back in control when you feel like YOU.JUST.CAN’T!


Tips to stay motivated 2


Motivational Tips

Motivational tips and quotes including an infographic to print out and put on your wall.



Top Ten Tips Videoboy with laptop thumbs up shutterstock_260916683

A short video of top tips to help you prepare for your competition in lessons and patch in those weeks leading up to the big day.

“Ok – that sounds pretty good. How do I get this mini-programme?”

That’s easy – just click the “add to basket” button above…


Want to know what other people have said about our self-study programmes and audio tracks?


“Evie has had a brilliant couple of weeks since listening to your audio cd!”

“Evie has had a brilliant couple of weeks since starting listening to your CD. Since then she has been landing her axel, building its consistency and also landing it in combination with single toe and single loop. She also achieved a PB on Monday, finishing 4th out of 28 on Level 2 Ladies and was really happy with her performance. She had been listening to the CD in the car on the way to Lee Valley. She has made it part of her bedtime routine every night and is finding it very helpful.Calista Lewis, Coventry

“I can enjoy watching her skate, seeing her smile again xx”

“My daughter has been doing the self-study programme for the past 4 weeks now and I’m delighted and so is she with the results so far!! (As well as the coach when I finally let her in on the secret).

Truly amazing, a huge thank you, you have made my life as a skater’s Mum less stressful, and I can enjoy watching her skate seeing her smile again. Xx”   Lorna, North Ayrshire

“This Ice Cool Confidence is fabulous. Laura is loving it… it’s amazing the difference I have seen since the weekend.”

“This Ice Cool Confidence is fabulous.  Laura is loving it.  She plans her quiet moments and takes her iPad with her and listens to it on the way to the ice rink each morning.

Laura has just turned 13 and is Level 2 (Level 3 field moves) and a couple weeks ago she lost her Lutz loop, to some people this may not seem much but it affected Laura.   After this each time she skated her programme if she didn’t do her Lutz loop she would stop half way in her programme (her face tripping her up) and then start all over again.  Trying to get her to continue with her programme was proving really hard work.   It’s amazing the difference I have seen since the weekend. 

Tonight her coach rang to say she was really pleased with Laura’s positive attitude and confidence during her lesson this morning.  Her Lutz loop was great, she has a new step sequence, but towards the end of the sequence she messed up a little bit but she carried on with a positive attitude and finished her programme.  She even landed on one foot practicing her axel (but her other leg wasn’t fully extended).  She was beaming.

She is playing the part of Cinderella in “Into the Woods” this year’s Panto on Ice at Billingham this December, who knows with the help of Ice Cool Confidence she will be more positive and believe in herself and might have her axel by then!!” Debbie, County Durham

“Elizabeth has created a very user friendly and highly engaging sports psychology package, which has benefited my child’s performance not just in skating, but also in other sports and school! A little and often of “Ice Cool Confidence” is just as important as daily stretching and conditioning.”

“My skating daughter, who is 10 years old (skating age 9 years), started working with the “Ice Cool Confidence” package in February 2016.  I thought she may be too young, but Elizabeth assured me that with patience and her commitment, it would be beneficial.

My daughter began on the workbook and audio CD’s after watching the introductory DVD straight away.  She now does a little each day.  We have invested in the diary and pre comp visualisations.  All of the purchases have been fabulous and worth every penny.  I have witnessed my daughter’s confidence and love for skating grow even more over the past few months. Her mental mindfulness within skating, is becoming more resolute as she learns to turn every negative into a positive.  Examples of this have been recent.  In one of her competitions, she fell doing a double flip at the start of her programme, but she got up, kept calm and carried on without the fall affecting the rest of her performance.  She acquired her best technical and performance score!  At her latest competition, her warm up was a disaster, but she went through her affirmations in her head, shook away those doubting mental gremlins and managed to obtain her latest PB! She also knows that she needs to work on controlling those pre-competition butterflies.  She understands that this will come with more visualisation practice. Her overall skating has matured, as well as her mental preparation. Due to her hard work ethic, fabulous skating coaches at the NIC and regular sport psychology practice, her marks are steadily improving, with PB’s each time she competes!  She has also moved up a skating group!

I have recommended Elizabeth’s “Ice Cool Confidence” to her coach and other skating parents. Elizabeth has created a very user friendly and highly engaging sports psychology package, which has benefited my child’s performance not just in skating, but also in other sports and school!  It teaches the powerful techniques of relaxation, focus and self-belief.  Elizabeth’s follow-up emails contain updates, and thought provoking anecdotes, which keep my daughter and myself motivated.

Having witnessed a tentative performer slowly develop into a more assertive one, I believe that a little and often of “Ice Cool Confidence” is just as important as daily stretching and conditioning. Be patient, encouraging and allow your child to go at his/her own pace.  It is and will always be work in progress with ups and downs, as we are all human!  We follow Elizabeth’s guidelines and are enjoying the journey.

Thank you, Elizabeth.  May Emma and I wish you the very best.”  A Grayson, Nottingham

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2.5 cm


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