It’s been a long time and the waiting is nearly over – rinks will be starting to open up soon and that means all the hard work you’ve been doing off-ice will pay dividends when you step back on to that lovely smooth cold sheet of ice… or will it?

Everyone’s been in the same boat haven’t they?  Well, no. Everyone will have been using the last few months in different ways – some will have been doing far more work on their fitness, flexibility and rotations than others. Some may have not been able to access online classes and others may be all but ‘zoom’ed out.

There will be huge expectations, joy and happiness for most of you, but some of you might be disappointed that the comeback might not be as quick as you think.

It’s mindset time.  Right now, you need a plan for your return to on-ice work. You need to be able to  deal with any unexpected gremlins that could pop up. Those little negative voices that just love to get inside your head.

  1. The “She’s so much further ahead of me now” gremlin
  2. The “I can’t do this anymore” gremlin – “I was landing my (insert name of jump) in my sleep before this happened”
  3. The “What’s the point – I missed my chance to compete in (insert name of competition)” gremlin
  4. The “Is it really safe to be back on the ice?” gremlin
  5. The “how can I train properly if I can only have (x number) sessions on ice?” Gremlin

Of course, there are tons more. Gremlins have a habit of popping up all over the place. But for now, these are likely to be some of the more common ones.

Here are some things which won’t work:

  • “It’s not fair” thinking
  • “What’s the point?” thinking
  • Comparisonitis – always comparing yourself with how others are doing or how they are being treated
  • “I don’t want to let anyone down” thinking
  • “my goals are impossible now” thinking

You need GOALS. And I don’t just mean “winning this competition” or “skating in the Olympics”. You need really well worked out goals that complement your strategy. Goals that are detailed right down to what you will achieve in just one session on ice – even a group lesson.

You need to figure out your STRATEGY. You need to work out the best way to deal with your particular mindset that will enable you to progress and move forward towards the goal YOU want. And for that you’ll need a little help to figure out exactly what YOUR mindset is and how you can change it and adapt it to work for you instead of against you.

And you need real strength and a great way to COMBAT those gremlins. The negative thinking which will hold you back, make you want to give up and do their utmost to prevent you from achieving those goals.

If you’d like to work with me on a plan for your return – get a real strategy in place to use these last few months as a springboard towards success instead of an excuse, then get in touch.

I’m offering something new.

It’s different from the regular mindset coaching I do. Just three sessions to work on your Goals, your Strategy and your Combat Kit.

But I’m not doing this for everyone. You have to prove to me that you will make the most of the sessions, and genuinely work at it.

I’ll walk with you through the steps to spring forward as you re-start your training and you’ll be expected to take action – think – get creative and WORK! But then if you’re serious about your skating you’ll be a hard worker already.

Think of it as Back on Ice Bootcamp. Your “Comeback Kit”.

It’s not for the faint hearted. You have to WANT this badly.

It’s for the resolutely determined.

You’ll need to have been training seriously prior to lockdown. Possibly preparing for the National  Championships. Advanced Novice or higher. And you’ll already understand why mindset is so important to your progress.