In a previous blog I talked about the importance of encouraging skaters to become independent and to start to take responsibility for their training and their skating ‘career’. In this one, I have put together my formula for a successful athlete.

These are some key points which make for strong foundations in a truly confident mindset.  It goes for adult skaters too – only substituting the word ‘parents’ for friends and partners:

The Formula for a Successful Athlete

  1. Have a hero– someone who inspires you daily towards achieving greatness.
  2. Do your research – find out as much as possible about the route to your dream.
  3. Turn your dreams into SMART goals so you have a genuine chance of achieving them.
  4. Map the route to your goals and put the stepping stones in place – those mini goals along the way.
  5. Learn everything you can from your coach and about their own journey. There will be a number of coaches along the way – each teaching you something unique and special to form part of your brand of athleticism. Don’t be afraid of the goodbyes and hellos.
  6. Appreciate your parents’ unconditional love, support and concern for you. Show them you deserve it by being the best ‘you’ that you can be.
  7. Eat clean. Sleep well. Train hard. Play nice.
  8. Understand the responsibility that goes with being a role model. No matter what your current level of ability is, you will be a role model to someone somewhere.
  9. Have a goal for “what next?” – the one that gives meaning to your life when you have achieved all you wanted to in sport.
  10. Never give up. Ever.  Review your goals and re-route your journey, but never, ever give up.

I’ve created a downloadable “infographic” poster, just for you which you can print out and keep, here: “The Formula For A Successful Independent Athlete”

And with a slight tweak, here’s a version for adult skaters: The Formula For A Successful Independent Athlete (adult skater version).