Relaxation – night between short & free


Sometimes after you’ve skated the short programme your head can be buzzing with all sorts of thoughts. You might find it difficult to focus on the free programme the next day because you are still re-running the memory of your short programme through your head! Whether you did well or not as well as you’d hoped, if you find yourself over-thinking and unable to put your short programme to one side while you focus on the free, then this track is for you!

Designed to help you set aside your thoughts around the short and prepare yourself positively for the free, before getting a nice relaxing sleep.

This is a downloadable single track. Once you click the buy button you will be sent the download link.


Sometimes you just need a helping hand to calm down or relax before a competition and get yourself in “the zone” or your own personal preparation bubble. This  relaxation track is designed to help you to do just that.

Tracks are MP3 format so you can download them to your phone or iPod and listen to them on the way to or from the rink, at home or at the rink. After all, where else would you be?


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