Parents’ Masterclass – How to be a Brilliant Skater Mum or Dad


As a parent you want to be as supportive as you can to your skater and encourage them to develop and progress. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes, with the best of intentions, your own language and behaviour can be just what is causing the problem. Learn what to say and do – and even more importantly what NOT to say or do – to give your skater the best support you can.


How to be a Brilliant Skater Mum or Dad

(and keep your skater cool before, during and after competitions)


Would you like to learn how to keep the household calm at competition time? Want to know how best to support your skater? 

Take this masterclass* and learn how to help your skater plan for competitions and tests, stay motivated and perform with confidence… without the tears and tantrums!

Learn how to work with your skater to save the situation and turn trials into smiles and nerves into verve! 

Is this you at the rink?

woman looking through fingers
Is this how you look when you’re watching your skater at competitions and tests? Or in lessons and patch sessions coming up to the BIG DAY?


Can you even WATCH?


Have you ever wondered why everything you say or do is WRONG coming up to competition time?


Do you wish you knew how best to support your skater and help them to overcome obstacles and perform to their full potential – just like you know they are capable of doing?

Wouldn’t you just love to be sitting watching your son or daughter skate their heart out and thoroughly enjoy it instead of hiding behind your fingers on the edge of your seat just waiting for the tears or tantrums? 

This isn’t for you if you’re happy to hide behind dark glasses and slink out of the rink after a display of ice kicking, jump-popping, tantrum-throwing meltdowns!

This IS for you if you’ve had enough fighting back the embarrassment over diva-like behaviour at pre-competition practice time while trying to be supportive (yet maintaining discipline).

This IS for you if you find that whatever you say or do before, during (and sometimes after) competitions just seems to be wrong!

In this Masterclass you will: 

  • Understand how to help your skater set goals that WORK!
  • Learn how to say the RIGHT THING!
  • Find out what it is you’re saying (or doing) that makes it WORSE!
  • And you’ll get access to a FREE downloadable exercise to help your skaters get the best support from you, their family and friends.

Why listen to me?

I‘m more than just an award winning expert in sports confidence and a Master Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy(tm) and Hypnosis.  I’ve been a ‘skater mum’ too, so I know exactly what it can be like in the run up to competitions and tests! 

But don’t just take my word for it. See what others have been saying:

female avatar

“We both thought the masterclass was excellent last night.

We will definitely take on board the pre competition advice… (The girls’) dad tends to say the wrong thing more often so I’m glad he watched the webinar. I fall much more into the “it doesn’t matter” trap, whereas he is more inquisitive and wants to know the reasons “why”.

The ‘four stages’ were interesting. I always feel that I’m way behind the other parents but recognise we are in stage 3 now.  I do think about stage 4 (I’m obviously an Eeyore!) but try not to, I tell myself to just enjoy the ride because the girls are happy and they love what they are doing.

Anyway thank you, it was so incredibly helpful.”

DB, Skater Parent


male avatar“I used the techniques with my daughter and her performance exceeded her expectations!”

MF, Skater Parent, Wales


female avatarYou have made my life as a skater’s mum less stressful and I can enjoy watching her skate, seeing her smile again!”

L, Skater Parent, Scotland


Bring Back the Calm!

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*This Masterclass was formerly known as “Lower the Diva Fever” 


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