Competition Masterclass for Adult Skaters


As an adult skater your challenges are often different from those of younger skaters.

Learn to deal with the fears and emotions and understand how to focus on what will help, rather than what will hinder you in the run up to your competition. Stay cool on the day, stop overthinking, combat the negative self talk and learn how to use affirmations effectively.

This 80 minute masterclass is packed with value and includes two bonus exercises to download and help you plan your competition preparation.



I Can Help You Conquer Your Nerves!

(what every adult skater needs before competing)

As an adult skater you may have unfinished business after skating as a child or you may have taken up the sport as an adult. Either way you are coming at it from a very different angle in terms of your confidence.

Neuroscience teaches us that risk taking increases between childhood and adolescence and then declines between adolescence and adulthood as our brains ‘wire up’.  So you’ll be much more aware as an adult of the potential for injury and of the consequences of that injury. You can find yourself overthinking, pulling out or popping jumps and being more tentative than you might have been as a younger skater.

And in the lead up to a competition there’s every chance you’ve been juggling family and work responsibilities, with your training taking a bit of a back seat – so that by the time it comes to the day, you may be feeling that you’re not quite ready…

All of this makes for a fertile breeding ground for the ‘gremlins‘ – those little voices in your head telling you your’re not good enough, you just.can’

Learning to deal with the fears and emotions and understanding on how to focus on what will help, rather than what will hinder you is what you need right now.


Here’s just some of what we cover:

  • Staying ‘super-cool’ on the day;
  • How to set really effective and achievable goals which won’t send you into overwhelm and dent your confidence every time you think about them;
  • Understand where to place your focus in your practice sessions before the competition;
  • Stop overthinking! Learn how to go for that jump without having a full scale debate in your head first;
  • Identify your fears and deal with the emotions and nerves they instill in you;
  • Avoiding other competitors who make you feel inadequate;
  • Stop using 101 reasons why it won’t work as excuses before you even skate!
  • Using affirmations and staying positive;
  • Combat the negative self-talk;
  • Get yourself into the ‘zone’ on competition day;

So if you think this sounds like the Masterclass for you, just click on the button below to get immediate access.

  • This masterclass runs for approximately one hour and twenty minutes.
  • It’s packed with value and costs just £25 per person.
  • Includes two bonus exercises to download and help you plan your competition preparation.

But don’t just take MY word for it…

Here’s what others have said about this Masterclass and the results they achieved:


Female Client

“Your guidance was invaluable..I have never felt so happy or relaxed before a performance..thank you Elizabeth from the bottom of my” Rachael Richards, Adult Skater

Female Client

“Your amazing techniques continue to work and I managed to have two calm and really enjoyable skates. Elizabeth, your magic works!”  Tina Pretorius, Adult Skater

Female Client

“I was a lot calmer (many people have even said so that have seen me at other competitions prior to this one) and I was very happy with my performance.”  Bethan Lewis, Adult Skater

Female Client

“Just wanted to say thank you again for last Sunday. The session helped me very much to focus on the essential things to minimise nerves and I achieved the goals I set for myself in my first ‘big competition’. I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to working hard to improve my scores next year! Thx again! X”  Sally Rasmussen, Adult Skater


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