I took a break this week and took myself off to sunny Barcelona for a few days to recharge the batteries.  And I hadn’t realised quite how depleted those batteries were!  And fully charged ‘batteries’ are definitely the key to my passion.

Sometimes even with things you love to do, there comes a time when the passion dwindles. You put lots and lots of hard work into something yet the results don’t seem to match up to your hopes and expectations. It’s then that you need to just check in with your reasons for doing what you’re doing.

When something isn’t working quite right, of course you need to examine what’s not working – but you also need a to understand the ‘why’.  Why is it not working now, when it did before?  What are you doing differently?

Sometimes it’s quite hard to figure out why something which you could do quite easily not so long ago is not working out right now.  You check all the obvious things – arms, legs, head, body position – mindset commitment to a move… and it all seems to be there. So why isn’t it working?

Occasionally – the missing, magic ingredient is P.A.S.S.I.O.N.  The very thing that gets you out of bed so early on cold dark mornings in the winter just to go and practice over and over again.  If there’s no Passion, there’s no motivation.  And motivation is another key ingredient to success in your sport.

When things get tough and there’s a lot of other stuff going on (exams? revision? parents on your case?) having something you are passionate about can help you through all that. But if the passion isn’t there, it can be really, really tough.

So how do you get the passion back?

Passion is all about the WHY.  Why you do what you do and what it does for you by doing it. It is inextricably, but not only, linked to goals – because to be passionate about something, you need to have a vision. You need to be able to see yourself out there in the future, doing that thing you are passionate about.  Focus on your passion and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling as you visualise yourself achieving what you set out to do.Work out who inspires you most in the field you’re passionate about – what is it about them that feeds your dreams and makes you believe in the nearly impossible?

Why do you skate? What does skating give you or do for you that nothing else does? If you can visualise yourself out in the future, achieving your dream because of that passion – what will that mean to you?

Download and print out this free 2-page Poster for your wall. Take some time this week to write a few lines about why you love skating above all else.  What would you lose if you couldn’t skate anymore? Draw a picture of yourself skating on the other page. Stick them up on your wall and look at it whenever you’re feeling a bit ‘out of love’ with skating or need a bit of extra motivation.

Remember – life is all about the passion. And passion is all about the why.