Here are 14 magical objects or creatures which Harry Potter uses (or steers clear of!) when he needs that extra boost of confidence faced with the daunting challenge of defeating Voldemort… Here’s how they might be used by a skater. Which is your favourite? Or would you add something else? And how would you use it?  I’d love for you to let me know!

The Invisibility Cloak

Useful for when you’re practising your programme and you don’t want anybody to watch you.  Also very handy for sneaking up and joining your group lesson when you’ve arrived late and you don’t want your coach to notice you scooting across the ice in a hurry. Buster the gremlin is demonstrating one, but I think he’s got it on inside out because I can see the washing label…

The Pensieve

This is a stone basin which is used to review memories.  You just remove the memory from your head, pop it into the basin and have a good look at what’s going on. This would be just brilliant for working out what on earth happened just now when you attempted that double axel, or going back over your competition programme to see what needs working on.  Judges could use it for looking back and seeing if your jumps were fully rotated.  The great thing about a Pensieve is that you can watch something back as if you were an objective, third person – so there’s no emotional upset if you’re watching yourself fall over!

Phoenix Tears

These heal injuries – and I’m pretty sure they’d come in useful for all those bruised knees, elbows and wrists, and cut fingers from Biellmanns…


These are the dark creatures that suck out all human happiness if you get too near. Who are the dementors at your rink and how do you protect yourself from being sucked into their negativity? Very similar to gremlins, too when you hear their voices in your head.

Sorting Hat

The wizarding hat which is used to decide who will coach you.  Or who will take over your lesson when your coach goes on holiday.  Or what your next music will be.

Philosopher’s Stone

Changes all metals into gold. Really handy for those times when you come second or third…  Or for sharpening your blades.

Mirror of Erised

The mirror which shows you your true heart’s desire. Shows you doing triple axels and quads and standing on the podium a lot…  When your mum stands in front of it she just sees you standing there with a big happy smile…  What does your coach see I wonder?

Floo Powder

Used for travelling quickly between fireplaces.  Good for getting to the rink on time when you’ve overslept or for that looooong journey to a competition.

Broomstick (Nimbus 2000)

Very handy for getting back and forth to the rink, but also for supporting a harness while you do jump rotation practice…

Triwizard Competition

A Spin, Spiral, Jump competition or gala, when you ‘tri’ and ‘wizard’ up an entertaining routine from nothing.

Magical Portraits

Moving photographs – a bit like GIFs. When the photographer manages to get a picture of you looking great mid-air in a jump and doesn’t show the bit where you landed on your butt. Also used by the judges to check if your jump was from the correct edge.

Time Turner

Turns back time – used for short term time travel. Handy for getting in a couple of weeks’ extra practice before THAT competition…


A magic letter sent to give the recipient a very loud and public telling off!  Sent by mums when you’re not doing what she thinks you should be on the ice. Often takes the form of “I’m not spending all this money on your skating if you’re just going to stand around talking/not trying”.  Also used occasionally by coaches when you pop those jumps…

The Magic Wand

Well who wouldn’t want one of these?! Useful for just about anything and everything I would think!

Putting spells on the judges, making sure the ice surface is perfect, a quick spell on your mum to make sure she doesn’t say the wrong thing…

And coaches could simply put a spell on you to land all your jumps, fully rotate all your spins, get the best edges possible…

What would you do if you had a magic wand?

Finally – if it seems like your coach is speaking Parseltongue at you when they’re explaining something – just ask what they mean. I’m sure they’ll be happy to repeat it to you in a language you’ll understand… 😉

(if you’d like a poster-style version of this, just click here: 14 Magical Objects from Harry Potter for Figure Skaters