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To all you wonderful athletes…

After some years of working with figure skaters, I know that there can be lots of challenges with confidence. Not only in individual sports where you are also ‘performing’ and needing to present yourself well to the judges and an audience, but also in team sports. You can experience self-doubt, lack of confidence or motivation and ‘impostor syndrome’ when you believe you’re not quite good enough to be there and keep wondering if you’ll be ‘found out’…


I’ve worked with young athletes in gymnastics, tennis, squash, swimming and equine vaulting amongst others, to conquer their mindset so they can just ‘get on with the job’ and perform at their very best.

And shhhhh!  Don’t tell them I told you, but sometimes, even the most supportive of coaches and parents say or do something which really messes up your thinking and takes a knock at the fragile structure of your confidence (just ask me about pink elephants!).

Even individuals in team sports can suffer from a crisis of confidence, worrying about letting their team down, whether they are good enough, if they’ll get injured – or even if they can play well after returning from injury.  And teams have a whole different dynamic.


Is it just you?

Nope. You are definitely not alone!  The thing is, if it’s on your mind, then it will be affecting your physical performance too.  But who can you talk to if you’re feeling like this?

As an award-winning NLP Master Practitioner, I can work with you, or your coaches and parents through my signature talks and online programmes.

It’s actually not rocket science. It’s really very simple.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Mark Kettle, OBE had to say about my work with his son James, a competitive squash player who started working with me for three months when he was just 11:

“I just wanted to record our thanks to you for the work you did with James. As you know, he is a talented young squash player but had problems in keeping calm and focussed in pressure situations.  Since working with you not only has he achieved his objective of making the top 10 in his current age group 18 months early, but the tools you have given him have helped him on numerous occasions.  He recently won his second England Squash sanctioned under 15 event at the age of 12 and the techniques you taught him played an integral part in that.”


Call me today for further information or book a talk at your club on +44 (0)1604 406285 or 07847 680415


Are you a coach?

I can arrange value packed workshops or seminars at your club for coaches and parents of competitive athletes. No time to go on courses or follow up with CPD? I can bring tools and techniques to you so that you have something practical to take away and apply with your athletes and get better results as well as happier athletes and parents!

Are you a parent?

Out NOW! Don’t miss our special Masterclass “Be Your Own Child’s Confidence Coach” especially for parents to help you support your athletes in the best possible way – lots of tips and advice on being the the best parent you can be to a child involved in competitive sports or activities and how you can help boost their confidence.

Are you an athlete?

Have you heard about mindset and wondered what it’s all about? Do you wish you could get rid of that nagging inner gremlin whispering negative stuff into your ear every time you go all out for your goal?  Take our foundation programmeTrain Your Mind To Think Like A Champion” and you’ll understand the importance of a positive mindset, what it is and how to get one for yourself – just like champion athletes do.